From our homes to yours

In these difficult times, we see families needing joy and entertainment more than ever; turning towards board games and party games to bring their loved ones together. We at Asmodee have created free print & play versions of some of our most popular family games, for anyone to print, use, and enjoy from home.

Most often played:

  • Catan

    Trade, build, settle!

  • Ticket to Ride Stay at Home

    Compete and collaborate to complete at home daily tasks in this exclusive expansion for Ticket to Ride.

  • Dobble / Spot It!

    A world-famous observation and reflex game!

  • Dixit

    A picture is worth a thousand words. Dixit is an enchanting game that unlocks your imagination!

  • Unlock!

    An escape room adventure!

  • Carcassonne

    Cultivate the landscape of medieval France one tile at a time in this classic worker placement game.

New to the world of board games? Start here:

  • Match Up

    Team up to find the key in this cooperative trivia game!

  • HINT

    Can you DRAW major islands, HUM charity records, TALK about pasta types or MIME British design icons? Get a taste of the HINT experience!

  • Cortex / Braintopia

    Challenge your brain in a game that tests your thinking, memory, and speed skills!

  • Timeline Classic

    Be the first to correctly place your card on the Timeline to win the game!

  • Concept Kids

    No need to talk to communicate!

  • Time's Up! Kids

    Children as young as 4 can discover the fun of playing Time’s Up! Kids. Everyone participates and best of all everyone wins!

  • Rory's Story Cubes

    Small games to spend time with Rory’s Story Cubes.

Continue your journey here:

  • Choose Your Own Adventure: War with the Evil Power Master

    The Lacoonian System has lived in peace for centuries but now the Evil Power Master has returned! Can you stop him from enacting his sinister plan?

  • 7 Wonders Duel

    This Print & Play lets you play 7 Wonders Duel by yourself.

  • Citadels

    Build a city fit for a king and earn the coveted post of Master Builder!

  • Concept

    You don’t need to talk to communicate!

  • Love Letter

    Win the heart of the Princess by delivering your love letter in this quintessential card game.

  • KeyForge

    Enter the Crucible with four decks for the world’s only Unique Deck Game!

  • Time Stories

    Save Damien in this time-travel adventure!

  • Choose Your Own Adventure

    The classic Choose Your Own Adventure series comes to life in this new narrative adventure game. Will you survive the House of Danger?

  • Sherlock Holmes

    Play one of the full adventures from the Thames Murders and Other Cases box to discover the classic of cooperative investigation games. Tailored for remote play!

Own a collection, look here:

  • Splendor

    Become the most prestigious of merchants with this tactical, simple and addictive game.

  • Deep Blue

    The Captain returns - A scenario for 1 to 3 players for Deep Blue.

  • Five Tribes

    Play Five Tribes solo version

  • Nusfjord

    Expand your fishing fleet and build the best buildings in this worker placement game!

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