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Print and play Love Letter for free

What is Love Letter?

Love Letter is a very popular card game that has you competing with your friends for the affections of the princess, who is locked away in a castle. The fast-paced gameplay uses elements of risk, deduction, and luck to create a fun and dynamic interaction between players. The rules are simple and the rounds move quickly, meaning it’s a great game to please any crowd, from the novice player to your regular game night pals.

With Love Letter Print and Play, it’s easier than ever to share this great game with friends, whether at your table or theirs. Players must try to get their love letter to the princess, who is locked away deep in her palace. In order to win her heart, you must find intermediaries who are willing to deliver your letter to her. From the king to countess, the guards to the prince, you must decide who will be your best ally to deliver your notes to the princess, using a combination of risk-taking, deduction and bluffing strategies to beat the other suitors and win her love.

How to Play Love Letter

Love Letter Print and Play will give you and your friends the first taste of this fun competitive strategy game. Love Letter has perhaps become such a popular game because its gameplay is accessible for players of all ages and skill levels. The game moves quickly, with rounds lasting about 10 minutes each. This makes it the perfect game to play with anyone, anytime - whether a rainy afternoon or a dedicated games night.

Love Letter Print and Play is a fun and easy-to-learn game suitable for 2–4 players. The objective of the game is to get your love letter into the hands of the princess while blocking the letters of the other competing suitors from reaching her. All of the eligible bachelors of the kingdom, from young to very old, seek to woo the fair Princess. Alas, she has locked herself away deep in the palace, and you must ask others in the court to take your romantic messages to her, in the hope that yours will reach her before your competitors’.

Using the illustrated deck with just 16 cards, each player starts with one card in hand and one card is removed from play. On your turn, you draw a card, and then play a card, with the intent to obstruct the other suitors and knock them out of the competition. Playing with powerful cards can put you in the lead, but can also make you a target for your competitors. But rely on weaker cards and you may miss your chance to woo the Princess into your embrace!

The card you keep in your hand is your secret: this is the person who holds onto your love letter for the Princess. Each character has a special skill that can be used to avoid being caught and allow you to win her favour. You must decide who is your best ally, to act as an intermediary and get you closer to the noble Princess. You have to make sure that at the end of the day, the person closest to the Princess has your message! Refer to Love Letter Print & Play PDF for more detailed info on how to play.

Love Letter Rules for Print and Play

Players must use strategies that involve risk-taking, bluffing, and deduction in order to beat their competitors and win the trust of the Princess. As they play their cards one at a time, players use the abilities of key people in the kingdom to outwit other suitors and get their message to the Princess. Once a set number of favour tokens are collected, that player wins and becomes the Princess' trusted confidant.

At the beginning of every round, a card is discarded face-down -- this is to ensure that players can’t use the process of elimination to know which cards are left in the deck. Each player is dealt one card and the deck is then placed face-down in in the middle of the table. During each player's turn, they draw one card from the deck and the player chooses to play either that card or the card already in their hand.

After the effect of the played card is processed, the player to the left takes their turn. Turns are repeated until the deck runs out, at which point the player holding the card with highest value wins that round, or all players except for one have been eliminated, in which case the remaining player wins the round. When the round ends, the winning player receives a token of the Princess' favour.

Cards are then collected and shuffled, and play continues with a new round - the winner of the previous round takes the first turn. The game ends when one player has obtained a set number of favour tokens (predetermined based on how many players are playing).

Play Love Letter in Other Editions

If you enjoy the introduction to Love Letter Print and Play, then you’ll be happy to know that this exceptionally popular card game has many more versions you can try for some more of this strategic fun.

After you’ve familiarised yourself with the game and mastered its strategy in the Print and Play version, you can treat yourself to a full version of the game. There are many available to choose from, including several Star Wars-themed editions, to help keep the game experience fresh and interesting. Fans of the game may also enjoy Love Letter Premium, which features a special edition version of the cards, game pieces, and card box, and the game can support up to eight players. With so many new versions featuring new artwork and characters, you’ll be able to keep playing Love Letter to your heart’s content!

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