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What are some of the best free board games templates to print?

Playing board games has never been more accessible, especially now that some of the most fun and classic board games are available in free print and play versions. Board game printing offers the wonderful possibility to easily try out some new board game titles or enjoy your old favourites from the comfort of home, whenever you like! It also means that even if you’re away from home - at school, at a friend’s house, or on holiday - there are a variety of great board games templates to print out and play on the spot. Check out some of these fantastic board games you can print out and play wherever you are.

Popular Building and Strategy Games

Games involving building and strategy can be a great addition to any board game evening with friends and family. With the ease of board game printing, now it’s possible to try two of the most-loved strategy board games anytime you like. Set in the medieval southern French countryside, Carcassonne is a popular tile-based game in which players take turns expanding the game board by adding cities, roads, fields, and cloisters to the landscape. The aim of the game is to build and complete fortified cities and build up the areas around them, while also adding figure pieces called meeples that represent characters like farmers, monks, knights, or robbers depending on what part of the landscape they happen to be placed. Completed landscape features with meeples on them enable players to score points. Carcassonne makes for some fun and innovative strategising, with every turn offering you the choice between expanding your realm and staking claim to areas or blocking your rival’s progress, via the placement of your tiles and meeples. The gameplay is quite engaging as the turns move quickly, while still also offering lots of possibilities for different strategies and outcomes.

A classic strategy game that makes a great gateway game for new players, while also offering plenty of enjoyment for more seasoned board game lovers, Citadels offers another option of fun and engaging medieval era building and strategy gameplay. This game is sure to amp up the competition and strategic thinking of any game gathering, as each round players take on new roles with the aim of acquiring gold and erecting buildings. Players are dealt cards representing buildings that come in 5 different colours, with every building worth a value in gold. Each character in the game has a different ability that gives them a unique advantage in particular situations, either for developing their city or for hindering their opponent’s efforts. For example, the assassin might choose to eliminate another player for one round, the wizard might take an opponent’s building card, or the warlord might destroy a rival’s building. Players earn two (or more) gold pieces each turn, which can be used in building up their city by purchasing the variously valued buildings. The game is won after a round in which any player has completed 8 buildings, and bonus points are earned for having buildings in all 5 colours. Citadels is a fast favourite for any game crew, as the intense rivalries that emerge as players scheme and plot their way to success make for lively gameplay fun.

Match Wits With Your Friends

Exercise your mental prowess as you compete against other players in board games of reasoning, logic, memory, and sensory perception. In Cortex, players go head-to-head in a fast-paced game with 8 different types of challenges. Use memory to recognise and match duplicate images, compete to find the fastest way through mazes, ponder over logic series, engage the senses in touch recognition tests and colour puzzles, and more. Engage in friendly competition to solve the mind-boggling challenges on the print and play deck of cards. The player who is the fastest to shout out the answer and cover the card with their hand. Each challenge you win allows you to collect one piece of a brain, and the first person to collect four pieces to make an entire brain wins!

Another board game offering the chance to show off your intellect, Sherlock Holmes is an award-winning favourite that combines great storytelling and imaginative gameplay in an exciting game of mystery and deduction. If you’ve ever wished you could put on your detective hat and dive into a world of Victorian era murder, mystery, and intrigue, this is the game for you. Roam the foggy streets of London to test your logical deduction skills against those of your opponents and the great man himself, Sherlock Holmes. Interview suspects and witnesses, gather up the evidence, and use your ingenuity to find a solution. Optionally, you can play in cooperative mode to put your heads together and solve the case. Adults and teens will enjoy the longer gameplay and innovative thinking of this thrilling board game.

Imagination Blooms With Rory’s Story Cubes

Anything is possible with the cute and creative print and play version of Rory's Story Cubes. This is a great game for all ages, and thus perfect for passing the time on a rainy afternoon with family or introduced to any social gathering. Take your turn as the Narrator: throw the Story Cubes and use the symbols featured on the 9-sided cubes to tell a story, beginning with the classic opener, “Once upon a time…” The gameplay is wonderfully open, as players are free to dream up the most fantastical tales possible, using any interpretations of the symbols they wish. A magical game of creativity where there is really no wrong way to play - here the only limit is your own imagination!

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