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Print and Play CATAN - Discover new scripts and some drawings

What is CATAN

CATAN is a popular board game that evolves around sea adventures, exploration and discovery. The game transfers you to the high time of sea travel – after a prolonged and exhausting sea voyage, your fleet finds itself anchored at the unfamiliar shore of the island of Catan. What follows are breathtaking twists, mind-blowing adventures, and – of course – severe competition for treasures, resources and influence.

The game is designed for two to four players who compete in gathering resources and building settlements on the fictional island. The average play time takes about one hour. CATAN offers a modular board, meaning that you can assemble it in a number of different variations – you can get as creative as you want when playing CATAN!

Explore CATAN Print & Play

CATAN Print & Play will give you the first taste of the legendary game, introducing you to the rules and teaching you the game's twists. Start your foray into the Catan universe with a Print and Play session along with your board-game gang!

CATAN Print & Play First Adventure

Younger players will be mesmerized with the CATAN Print and Play First Adventure. In the First Adventure, the players are pirates. In the CATAN universe, children are fearless sailors from a very young age, and they spend their pastime exploring the sea. The young players in CATAN, will get to build pirate camps, they will create a pirate fort, and compete for the title of the Pirates' Ruler. One of the players will be a mysterious Ghost Captain, who will surreptitiously hinder other players' efforts.

Before you set out to play CATAN Print and Play, you need to build the board and components for the game. Print out all the sheets saying "Player Pieces – Front" and glue them to a cardboard panel. Following pink lines, cut out the sheets and, similarly, cut the unmounted "Player Pieces Back" sheet. Glue together the back and front pieces cutouts and cut out all the individual player pieces along the white dashed lines. You are all set. Refer to CATAN PDF Print & Play for more detailed info.

CATAN Print & Play First Adventure also offers a number of coloring books that would immerse the younger players in the colorful and exciting world of Catan.

CATAN rules for Print & Play

So, how to play CATAN Print and Play First Adventure? The game includes 2 game boards and 4 player markers, as well as pirate camp hex tiles (3 tiles per player). You will also find in it a Ghost Captain, a pirate ship and a pirate fort stand-up pieces, along with 48 tiles for resources (goats, wood, molasses and cutlass), tiles for Coco the Parrot and a dice.

The aim of the game is to build the pirate fort, which you can only do after you've built all the pirate camps. The player who has built the fort becomes the Ruler of the Pirates and wins the game. The game has two phases – Production and Build and Trade.

The first phase, Production, consists of rolling the dice and collecting resources from the adjacent islands. If you roll any number between 1 and 5, the players who have pirate camps next to an island that has the number, receive the corresponding resource tile. If you are lucky to have two pirate camps next to the island in question, you get two resource tiles. If number six is rolled then the Navigator (the players take turns to be one), has the right to chase away the Ghost Captain and move the Captain to any island. The role of the Ghost Captain is to disrupt the progress of the players, and as long as the Captain occupies an island, other players can not get resources from that island. However, the Navigator who moves the Captain is still entitled to collecting resources from the island where the Captain has been moved. So, be clever and use the Captain to your advantage!

You can use the resource tiles to build pirate camps or ask Coco the Parrot to help you. One piece of advice from the Parrot would cost you 1 wood and 1 goat tile, and will allow you to get two resource tiles, move your ship to a desired location, or chase away the Ghost Captain.

Throughout the first phase, the Navigator moves the ship, following the direction of the ship-lane arrows, crossing the number of paces according to the dice roll. In the game's second phase, the Navigator gets to build, ask Coco the Parrot for help, or trade. Building is costly – to create a pirate camp or a pirate fort, the Navigator needs to use a number of tiles, and they can only build a fort, having established 3 pirate camps. If the Navigator needs extra resources, they can trade with the resource stockpile – giving 2 resource tiles back and taking 1 of their choice. The Navigator who finally gets to build the pirate fort snaps away the victory.

CATAN extensions

A wildly popular game, CATAN comes with a number of extensions and spin-offs (there are even talks of a planned movie that will be based on the game's plot). After you have mastered the Print & Play edition, treat yourselves to CATAN Easter Bunny, CATAN Rivals Hostel and the stay-at-home hit CATAN We Stay Home. A succession of fun and exciting evenings is guaranteed.

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