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Print and Play Ticket to Ride to learn the rules and discover the cards for free

What is Ticket to Ride ?

The classic Ticket to Ride takes you on an adventurous cross-country journey. In the course of the game, the players collect cards depicting different kinds of train cars – that will enable them to claim railway routes that run between the cities in different countries across the world. The Ticket To Ride Print and Play (Stay at Home) offers a great start into the world of exciting adventures.

Ticket To Ride Print And Play – how to play?

Ticket To Ride Print and Play (Stay at Home) was specifically designed for playing in lockdown and allows you to experience adventures without leaving the house and in the company of your loved ones. This version is intended for 2 to 4 players, and is well-suited for anyone older than 8.

Ticket To Ride Print and Play (Stay at Home) is a printable twist on the classic game and might require some of the elements from the game's earlier iterations. It will be best-suited for the Ticket To Ride die-hard fans, as you will need a set of Trains Cars (32 per person) and Scoring Markers. You may take those from the Ticket to Ride, and the games Ticket to Ride Europe and Germany. You will also need a deck of Train Car cards, which you will find in the games Ticket to Ride and its Ticket to Ride Europe, Germany, or USA 1910 extensions. Access your printable board and the tickets you will need to play here.

Set the board at the centre of the table – and travel on!

Ticket To Ride Print And Play rules

To start Ticket To Ride, shuffle the Train Car cards deck and deal 4 cards from it to each player. Put the deck next to the board, taking 5 cards from it and placing them in a row,. Remember that you need to flush the row if at least 3 locomotive cards show up. Each player chooses one color and proceeds to take the matching 32 Train Cars and score marker.

The game features family tickets – before you start playing, assume one of the family roles – the Dad, Mom, Older Sister, or Little Brother (you can assign different designations for the family roles). Then each of the 4 players is dealt 2 Family Tickets at random. Two Family Tickets are extra and are removed from the game. If fewer than 4 people are playing, then the unclaimed Family Tickets are similarly removed. Shuffle the regular Tickets depicting Rouky the cat, and deal 2 Tickets to each player. Each player must keep at least 2 tickets, but can also have 3 or 4. The Tickets that a player keeps can present any combination of Family and regular Tickets. The Tickets that remain unclaimed are removed.

In the classic version of the game the oldest player starts the game, but in the Stay At Home Print And Play version, created for families, whoever woke up first or did the dishes after supper on that day, gets to play first. Just like in the classic game, the game proceeds in a clockwise order, with each player taking a turn until the game ends. Refer to the classic Ticket To Ride rules to guide you through the printable version.

At each turn, the players can draw Train Car Cards, claim routes, or draw Destination Ticket Cards. Whenever you draw a Train Car Card, its color should match the color of the route. The Train Car Cards are used to claim routes, while the multicolor locomotive cards can be used as wild cards to represent any color of choice. Each player may draw 2 Train Car Cards at their turn by either drawing cards blindly from the deck or taking a face-up card.

While claiming a route, remember that even though some locations are connected by Double and Triple routes, one player is not allowed to claim more than just one track of these routes during one game. In addition to the classic routes, the Print And Play stay-at-home version offers a new Family Route. During your turn, you can claim only one space on the Family Route. During the game, you can claim any number of spaces on the Route, although not on its several tracks. Regardless of how many spaces you have claimed on the Family Route, you always score one point. If, at the end of the game, all spaces are occupied on a Track of the Family Route, the players who have at least one Train Car on it, can use the Route to complete their Tickets. An additional rule applies, if the game is played by two players only. In a game for two, each player can claim one or two spaces in the Family Route during their turn. Whenever a player claims two spaces, they score two points.

For the rules on drawing and returning Tickets, refer to the rules of the classic game. In this version, you draw 3 Tickets from the deck at you turn and keep at least one of them. The discarded tickets return to the bottom of the deck.

At the end of the game, the players, do not receive an end-of-game bonus and the player with the most points, wins.

For more details on the rules of this extension refer to the Ticket To Ride pdf. There, you will also find the materials for preparing your printable board. Have fun with your adventurous journey!