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What board games to play after school ?

A great way to keep kids engaged, learning, and having fun after the school bell rings is by playing after school board games. With loads of imaginative game play possibilities, you can choose to connect via team-based collaborative fun or liven up the energy by facing off against opponents in skill-testing competition challenges and creative thinking conundrums. These popular family board games are a great way for kids to stave off that after school boredom, while also offering a lively and entertaining way for family members of all ages to spend some weekday quality time together.

Frantic Fun With Spot it

The fast-paced and wonderfully competitive game of Spot it is sure to liven up any afternoon. Family members of all ages will love the intensity and excitement as they race to find the matching symbols on the illustrated on the deck of cards. Speed, observation, and reflexes are the key to besting your competitors, while the easy-to-learn rules and fast rounds of gameplay mean that anyone can jump in and join the action. But don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the concept, as the fun and frantic energy of racing to find the matching symbols can pose challenges for players of all ages and skill levels. You’ll need a keen eye and sharp reflexes to beat the other players in spotting the matching symbols. While there are only 8 different cartoon symbols featured on the cards, the symbols appear in many different sizes and positions on each card, putting your observation skills and your response time to the test. Kids may especially enjoy the opportunity to show off their eagle-eye vision and youthful reflexes against older family members, readily making this one of the best after school board games to try out at home. And because the game consists of 55 round playing cards in a cute, easily transportable tin, it mean that kids can also easily take this game to after school playdates with friends.

Team Up in Time’s Up!

If you’re looking for fun board games to play with friends after school, you can’t go wrong with the entertaining team-based guessing game of Time’s Up! Based on the ever popular charades-style party game concept, players take turns performing and offering hints to their team members, who must guess the name of the character card they hold. To prepare to play the game, each player looks through the cards and chooses several characters. Character possibilities range from fictional characters to famous historical figures, and there is some fun strategy and creativity in card selection with the knowledge that it could be your team or your opponents who must act out and guess these characters! The cards are then shuffled together to create a deck, and your collection of famous character names is used to play through the game's three rounds.

In each round, the holder of the character card offers hints, encouraging teammates to guess as many names as they can within a time limit of just 30 seconds. In the first round, the player can offer nearly any kind of clue, including sounds and gestures, and no matter the challenge of conveying their character the player cannot pass on a card. In round 2, the card holder can only offer one word hints (but unlimited sounds and gestures are still permitted) - but this time the card holder can pass as many times as they wish, and the teammates only have the possibility to offer a single answer per card. In the final round, the clue-giver can use no words at all, relying only on bodily gestures and non-verbal sounds, can again pass on any card, and team members are only given one guess. You might find that giving a good non-verbal performance is the key to later success, when you no longer have the power of words at your disposal. This game makes for hilarious fun as players will find themselves gesturing wildly and collaborating under pressure to find the answer before the time is up.

Choose Between Imaginative Storytelling or Undersea Adventure!

Whether inspiring children’s creative capacities through dream-like imagery, or offering the chance to pursue fortune and adventure, these games are sure to spark the imagination. The ever-popular Dixit offers accessible and inventive fun for players age 8 and up, offering a wonderful entry point to the imaginative possibilities of board games, but also the potential to learn and develop more strategic approaches with successive play through of the game. In every round, one player becomes the Storyteller, who selects a card from their hand and offers a theme based on the card’s illustration. Other players choose a card from their hand that best matches the theme, which remains hidden from other players. Cards are then shuffled and the images revealed - you must guess which was the Storyteller’s card? If some, but not all, players identify the original card then the Storyteller earns points. The many creative interpretations of the card’s illustrations are a beautiful showcase of each player’s imagination and storytelling abilities.

With the acquisition of a sought-after map, you embark on a mission to find ancient and extraordinary treasures, hidden within the ocean’s watery depths, aboard legendary wrecks at the bottom of sea. In the harbour, each ship’s captain must hire the perfectly skilled crew of sailors, divers, archaeologists and historians to find their way to the elusive wreck sites and uncover the bounty from below the surface. Your claim to each site and the possible wealth and fortune it promises are challenged by rival captains, who possess the same map and hunger for treasure as you. Playing with 2-5 players, press your luck drawing cards and gems to advance your mission and secure the wealth that lies at the bottom of the sea. As the momentous treasure hunt unfolds, you must make haste and take risks if you want to succeed. Though the most valuable treasure might just be the family fun you share.

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