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Print and Play Dixit for free

What is Dixit?

Dixit is a world-famous board games that invites players to create exciting stories, using their imagination and beautifully created cards. In Dixit, you have 84 cards, each one featuring an artful illustration.

Dixit Print & Play follows the standard Dixit rules. In the beginning of a round of Dixit, each player (and remember that you need to have at least three players to make the most of you game) is dealt six cards. The tone of the game is set by a storyteller – you can determine who the storyteller in your circle will be by rolling a dice. The storyteller selects a card from the six that they have. Without showing the card to the other players, they say a phrase that they feel corresponds with the image shown on the card. The other players need to select a card from their stacks that they feel best describes the storyteller's phrase. Then the players' cards are handed back to the storyteller, face-down.

The storyteller shuffles these cards, adding their own card, the one that inspired the initial association, in the mix. The cards are then laid out, and it's up to the players to guess, which card belonged to the storyteller and inspired the initial story. With Dixit, it is essential to keep the perfect balance between the vague and precise stories to give the players a chance to discuss, speculate and figure out which card belonged to whom. If you are the storyteller, make sure to add a clue into your story, but do not make it too obvious. If, at the end of the round, either nobody or everybody guesses the storyteller's card, the storyteller scores zero points. If one player guesses the storyteller's card, both them and the storyteller score 3 points each. A player gets a point whenever someone votes for their card, believing it to be the storyteller's card. The game gets ever more fun the better you know the players – sometimes you just know someone so well you instantly guess their card. But ultimately, Dixit is about logical, strategic and associative thinking with a lot of enjoyment in between. After each round of Dixit, each player draws a card, and storytellers change. The game is over once the deck of cards is empty, or after someone has scored thirty points. The winner, in any case, is the player with the most points at the end.

Dixit is also a game that would charm away lovers of cinema and avid readers alike – its imaginative, fantastical images evoke some of the cult movies and literary classics, at times reminding of Surrealist art. If you are a fan of the "Alice in Wonderland", Dixit is surely a game you should try. As a storyteller, prepare to tap into your cultural references to guide your fellow players through the game.

Dixit Rules and how to play Dixit?

Both Dixit and Dixit Print and Play are the board games that are best played with three to six players. Generally, these are the games that get as great as the stories that the players create – so, make sure to play your cards well and prepare to get inventive. The Dixit PDF for the Print and Play version of the game provides the cards that you can use in your game – you only need to print them out. Dixit is famous and loved for the colorful, quirky and amusing images, featured on the cards. To make sure your Print and Play game is just as fun, use a color printer to print out the cards and, to make them sturdy, use a piece of cardboard to glue the printouts to. Then you can get to cutting out the cards for the game. The preparation might seem demanding, but will definitely be worth your while. The Dixit Print And Play version is also the perfect way to get into playing the famous board game, use it as your entry point into the world of Dixit.

Dixit extensions

Dixit has a number of extensions, focussing on specific themes and featuring different sets of images. In the Dixit Print and Play version, you can also select a specific theme to follow in your game, be it Travels, Memories or Daydreaming.

Dixit card examples

Among the themes that you can select for your game of Dixit Print And Play are Memories, Revelations, Journey, and Odyssey. Each set contain 84 cards, decorated with dreamlike images. Thus, in the Odyssey set, you will find travelling-themed cards, but also unusual and peculiar ones, featuring beautiful, if at times, slightly off-kilter and sinister images (think Terry Gilliam-style). Famous for its imagery, the Dixit cards are designed with particular attention to color, and you can see how the color scheme changes from a set to a set. The incredible Daydreams set is finished in hushed green, blue and brown tones. The Harmonies set, in accordance with its name, comes in calm pastels. As said, playing Dixit is as much an aesthetic experience, as it is a great exercise in storytelling, strategic thinking and guessing. Let the images set the mood – browse some of the available sets and see which themes would best fit with your friends' circle.

Among the pdf materials, available for Dixit Print and Play, you'd also find a selection of illustrations available to use as wallpaper images for your smartphone or laptop – let the Dixit illustration add some magical charm into your day-to-day.

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